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Snow White and the seven dwarfs, 1937.

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Disney Movies as Horror Movies [09/??] - Cinderella

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Mini Disney Movie Challenge
Day 4. A Scene that makes you smile

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Classic Disney [1937-1977] 30 Day Challenge | Day 8 -  Favourite Female Villain |
Stromboli The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) ;; Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness. Change my queenly raiment to a peddler’s cloak. Mummy dust, to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag’s cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to fan my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now, begin thy magic spell.!”

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